About Me

I have been making money only since 1999 and have in the past couple of years been making money at home full time on the internet. For me learning to make money online had a huge learning curve. My hopes here is to help beginners make money online but without making all the mistakes I made.

Making money online is not rocket science and if I can learn it anyone can.

Just recently I have been focusing my attention on niche blogging and earning passive income. This blog with be geared more toward making money with the use of free ideas and techniques to help new people make money first and then invest their money into tools and sites that will allow you to make more money at a faster pace.

Depending on your chosen niche market and how much effort you put in will determin how quickly you will make money. I do not promote get rich schemes!
To make money online and make a lot of money you need to build your online business the same as you would if you were building a brick and mortar business. One brick at a time.

I will try to cover all the bases I can on how to make money online at home but if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. The best way to get answers to your questions is by commenting. I do read all comments but sometimes my email get so overwhelming that I miss a lot. So read through the blog and hopefully we can get those that are interest into making money online very profitable for you. Good luck!

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