Stop Trying to Make Money Online and Work From Home

Stop trying to make money online and work from home. You will drive yourself crazy trying to chase the almighty dollar. Making money online is not about the making money. It is about finding your passion and sharing it with people. Making money should always be secondary.

If you keep chasing every easy way to make money online and work from home scheme, you will never make a dime or maybe very little. Besides you will be spending all your time trying to make money instead of enjoying your life. You might as well be working for someone else at a regular job.

I know this sounds like a contradiction to make money online, but that is why so many people fail at a work from home job. There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet but your ultimate goal should be to gain financial freedom and freedom to spend your time living your passion. Making money should come in the form of passive income.

I can keep posting hundreds of ways to make money online and work from home opportunities, but it isn't going to get you any closer to your goal of quitting your job or making money in your spare time or building massive wealth if you are chasing the dollar instead of growing a business.

I love the fact that I can be at home and enjoy my life and still be able to have an income coming in. And YES my income does come from the internet but it is not from being a salesperson selling one product after another. Mainly my income comes from helping other people to get started with an Internet business. I can give advice to what has worked for me and how my business has evolved from where it originally started to where it is today.

I started this blog to point people to different areas that have brought me money from the Internet but that are not how I actually work online from my home. I apologize for the way this blog started out but the reality is that it was not reflecting what I wanted to do here.

I really wanted to help people find information on how to make money online and work from home. So let us see if we cannot turn this blog around to helping people instead of having this feel so monetary. It really isn't about the money. Hopefully I am able to share ideas on how to improve the quality of your life and let the money fall where it may.

Make Money Online and Be Grateful

During this kick-off to the Holiday season I am so grateful to make money online. As I give thanks for the obvious, I also want to give thanks for the opportunities that the Internet has given not only to myself but for many others that are making a living online at home.

I now am able to make money online and work from home on my time schedule not someone else's schedule. The freedom and financial rewards are way more than if I did anything other than make money online.

I can make money online at home taking surveys, blogging, article marketing, affiliate marketing, on eBay, with Adsense or Adwords, or any number of other avenues. With the right tools, I can make a lot of money with very little effort. This has allowed me to have tons of free time to do what it is I like to do and get out of debt.

Financial freedom is wonderful but to have free time is something that you can not buy or ever get back. We are all limited as to how much time we are going to get in this life and I do not want to waste mine by having someone else dictate how I am to spend that time or how much my time is worth.

Am I thankful to be able to make money online? You bet!

Make Money Online with Content Composer

Content Composer in my opinion is one of the best ways to make top quality content to make money article marketing and to make money online. There is no better way to create original quality content out of PLR products.

The Content Composer software does much of the grunt work for you. Like… Creates dozens of unique, high quality, well optimized articles at the push of button. Just plug in the original article, create your revisions and let the software do the rest

Saves you hours by making it easy to manage article submissions from your ghost writers.

Lets you create, analyze and optimize your content so each article is designed to attract maximum attention from the search engines.

Quickly scan for plagiarism so you’re never left “holding the bag” if a ghost writer tries to get lazy on your dime (and plagiarize other people's articles.

Ensures that your articles revisions are at least 30% different from the original so you never have to worry about the dreaded duplicate content penalty.

Go over to the Content Composer Blog where they have videos that show you exactly how this software works. It really is amazing!

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Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs

You could spend days, probably even weeks, searching the internet and never run out of new ways that people are pitching to make money online. If you are new to online business and want to take the plunge, one of the best ways to get started is with free work from home opportunities which you can easily find.

There are so many different ways that people can find to do computer work at home, but because there are so many options it can end up being very confusing and lead to overwhelm making it hard for people to get started and begin to enjoy some success.

This is a good reason to start your new internet business by focusing on the free work from home opportunities that are so abundant, because with hardly any financial risk you can learn the ropes of internet marketing and promotion and get some good experience before needing to put a lot of money into your venture.

One of the best ways to get started at for free is to focus on becoming an affiliate marketer. What this means is that you will be on the lookout for great products and services that someone else has done all the work to professionally create, and you will become their "affiliate" which then gives you the right to earn a commission every time you refer someone who spends money with them.

Becoming an affiliate does not mean that you are an employee with these companies. In fact, you are like a free-agent and have complete control over your time and how you spend it in promoting these products. However, all companies have rules about how they allow their products to be marketed, and some of these rules are more strict than others, so be sure to read and understand the affiliate terms and conditions for each company so that you don't end up doing work to generate sales for them but end up losing your commissions because you handled the marketing the wrong way.

In addition to the flexibility you can enjoy with work from home opportunities in affiliate marketing, you also do not have to worry about creating the product, building a fancy website, setting up credit card processing or dealing with customer service issues. All of those details are taken care of by the company that you are an affiliate for, so you get to simply focus on promotion, which is exactly what they want you do be doing for them. It's a great win-win scenario.

Once you have found products and services that you can be excited about promoting and you understand the terms of your affiliate relationships, then you need to learn about internet marketing and promotion, and there are many free, or very low cost, ways to approach this as well. Some of the ways you can do this is by blogging, or setting up a simple website with product reviews, or being active in some of the social networking sites in the areas that are related to your product.

Soon you will have some sales and commissions that you earn from promoting the free work from home affiliate products you have chosen and at that point you can expand your efforts and perhaps move from only free marketing to paid promotions, and eventually you can even hire others to do some of the promoting for you.

Make Money Online Article Marketing

Make money online and work from home article Internet marketing. And the best part is it is totally FREE! It is the greatest feeling to be able to stay at home and spend your time with your children and still be able to make an income.

You can write about anything you are passionate about, give reviews on anything, write about your favorite stars, hobbies, poetry, or the happenings in your surroundings.

There are several ways you can market your articles on the Internet. You can use article directories, you can write article on your blogs, you could write articles to content sites and get paid for your articles.

Chances are you found this page from an article I wrote.

Making money online article marketing does require that you have some understanding of finding profitable buying niches that people are searching for.

You will need to be able to find and know a hot niche to write about. There is nothing more irritating than spending your time researching to write an article only to find that there are no people wanting to buy from that topic. Your are writing to make money so you need to find if there is a hungry audience waiting with their credit cards to buy from you.

I use Adwords free keyword tool for all my niche research.

You already know how crucial it is to find a profitable niche if you want to make some decent money with Adsense or affiliate programs.

But do you put the same efforts into choosing your niches than you do your keyword research or you optimize your blog? If not, you should... as choosing the wrong niche can be a real time waster.

Have you ever worked hard to get a blog running only to later find out that you have wasted your time because:

a) The niche is so competitive you can hardly get traffic for your main terms?

b) The niche is so small no one ever comes to your site?

c) You get a nice click-through rate but make pennies for each of these click?

If this sounds familiar, then you will love what I am going to introduce you to. And don't worry, it will not cost you a dime to learn the BEST way to research your niches and it may even change your whole thinking process!

Using the free keyword tool you can see how many people are searching for your topic or niche and how much people are paying for Adsense ads. If a lot of people are buying ads for a certain topic than you know this is a hot niche. These are the niches that you want to do article marketing about. Just like the title to this post Make Money Online Article Marketing. There are no ads for the term but broken down, make money online has an average search volume of 450,000 and pays $2.97 in Adsense and article marketing has an average search volumn of 27,100 with an Adsense payout of around $1.96. So with having these two terms combined an article with Make Money Online Article Marketing will bring traffic from both terms seperate and if I had Adsense ads on this site I would be making money with this article for these terms.

Make Money Online and Work From Home

Make money online and work from home is becoming a great way to get out of debt in our ever slowing economy. Many people are struggling to pay down their debts by working at home and earning extra income to stay a float during our down turning in our economy.

Make money online by using your personal home computer in your spare time and work from home on your time. It does not have to be expensive to start a home business. As your business grows then you will probably need to get a domain name and hosting account but until that time most of the ways to make money are free.

Make money online at home on Squidoo. The best part is it is FREE! Squidoo is a social networking site that encourages anyone to make money free online using their site.

Obviously you are interested in making money online at home or you would not even be here. People are making a full time income from Squidoo alone. Squidoo is so easy to use and it doesn't cost you one single cent.

This is a social network and people are more than happy to help you get started. The support is better than anywhere else, real people taking you by the hand and showing you the way.

Start your online business today with Squidoo

Still curious? A Squidoo lens is an easy-to-build, single page online. It is a place to recommend your favorite stuff. A free (yes, free) way to earn a royalty, for you or for charity. A word of mouth at your fingertips.

Squidoo is something you should have if you care about getting the word out about something, selling something, changing minds, sharing info, or if you just love to create, express yourself, and play.

Make money online and work from home using free Squidoo lenses.

Make Money Online Even When You Are Not

Make money online even when you are not online. This is the difference between working online and having a brick and mortar business.

When you make money online, your business is open 24/7. When you have a brick and mortar business, you only make money when the doors are open. Given a choice I would rather be able to make money even when I am having fun living my life.

Making money online is freedom.

Yesterday for example, I was unable to spend more than an hour online working. The rest of the day I was busy enjoying my children and grandchildren. It was one of those days where you could just sit back and enjoy your favorite things. My favorite thing is my children and grandchildren of course.

The point is you can still make money online even when you are not.

Make Money Online at Home

It is easy to make money online at home, but it is not simple. It does require a lot of hours to invest to building your work at home income. You need to start small and build your online authority.

Finding the right people to help you understand the methods of making money online can take a little longer. If you find people that insist that you can make money fast online by buying such and such product, RUN! There is no fast way to earn money online, unless you are using online auctions. But these can cost a lot of money in fees. So be careful that you are making more money than you are spending.

To make money online at home plan on invest a lot of time at first. Just like a brick and mortar business. Only online you do not have to pay out big bucks waiting to earn money online. Your only investment should be your time. I know it is tempting to want to buy things that promise quick riches but most of them do not work. Once you start to make money online at home than spend that money to buy tools that will free up some of your time to do other things like build more free blogs.

Always keep in the forefront that your main goal is to make money online at home.