Making Money Online Does Have Slow Times

Making money online does have slow times and this is normally one of those times of year. With the upcoming holidays people are not sitting in front of their computers as much. If you happen to have a product site, however, this may be one of your better times of year.

Normally the end of summer when the kids are getting ready to go back to school or college and the Christmas Holiday season are the slowest times for Internet marketers. I, for one, should be wrapping up my Christmas shopping right now instead of blogging. I am planning on leaving as soon as I get done here. Hopefully! :-(

The nice part is that right after the first of the year things really pick up and all hell breaks loose. I expect even a better year this year do to the economic forecast. People are going to be looking for alternate means of income to supplement their already hard hit income and rising costs.

Knowing I am not going to be breaking any records at the current time, does free me up to do other tasks that I normally procrastinate. I have time now to set things in motion for January so I am not caught with my pants down. I can get my records in order for the tax man.

Now is the best time to set goals for my marketing strategy for 2008 for making money online. I had a fairly good year as far as making money online, but the rinse and repeat strategy needs upgrading quite a bit. With the Web 2.0, I find I need to re-evaluate my role in that arena. I also need to set a more focused daily schedule to adhere to accomplishing more value added tasks.

So while the income slows down a bit at this point in time, the work load doesn't. There is always work to be done. Making money online does not take a vacation it just gets ready for the spring bloom.

Make Money Online Starts by Believing in Yourself

In order to start to make money online at home the first thing you need is to believe in yourself and believe in what it is you are doing. Unlike conventional jobs, it sometimes can be very difficult to judge as to whether you are growing in your business or not. You aren't give a job performance review or anything. It is just you and your readers. Especially with a new start like this blog. Without many comments it is hard to judge if your blog is being viewed with a positive note or you are just talking to the wind.

If I did not have the belief that eventually this blog will grow and my ability to improve its quality for my readers, then I would just delete the whole thing and go play with my family. I firmly believe, however, that I will be able to reach someone at some point and I will be able to make a difference in their lives.

I also believe in my ability to make money online at home and to be able to convey that to you the reader. By continually updating this blog I hope to reach a larger audience. Maybe by next month I will even have had a few hundred visitors.

As you start to make money online you will run into road blocks and have some so called well meaning people try to dissuade you from continuing with your online business. If you keep the belief in yourself and your ability you will move passed these tough times and notice a growth spurt. That is why it is so important to have an Internet business in an area that you are passionate about. You have to believe in what it is you are doing and believe you have something to give.

Having a strong belief in oneself will almost assuredly guarantee success. When I started to make money online at home it was through paid online surveys. It was so easy to make money with these paid survey programs. They had done all the leg work. So the rest was easy. But then when I started to expand into Internet marketing it was a different ballgame altogether. I really started to question myself and my ability to be able to make more money outside of surveys. My belief system was definitely being challenged. But when I got back to believing in myself again things started to turn around. I got my belief back which also helped me to focus and soon I was more motivated than ever.

Make money online starts with believing in yourself. Work on that small thing first and soon you will see small successes.

To Make Money Online Find Your Motivation

To make money online and work from home you need to find your motivation. Without the right motivation you will probably only find mediocre success. Always keep your motivation in the forefront and you will go much farther with your Internet business.

When I first started out to make money online and work from home, I had just lost a very good paying automotive job, due to outsourcing to foreign countries. While I was drawing my unemployment, I started to look for a job to replace my old job. Here in Michigan, manufacturing was moving out and the only jobs available were minimum wage jobs. That's when I decided to get involved with making money on the Internet.

I, like many others started out with a paid online survey program. It started out pretty slow but eventually the money was enough to replace my previous income. I joined multiple survey programs and was able to grow a fairly decent income and could work my own hours.

Then I decided to venture into other areas of Internet marketing. My husband, who was injured in an auto accident several years prior needed to get a total hip replacement. But in order to do this he was going to need to take a substantial amount of time off from his work. My husband is an engineer and he makes pretty decent money. So now I was looking to replace not only my income but his as well. Now I needed to find other ways to make even more money online, way more.

This would switch my motivation up several notches. My husband did not need surgery right away but would need to have it within a short time span. When you see someone you love and care about as much as I do my husband, you are motivated to do whatever you can to help make their lives better.

With the many ways to make money online at home, it sometimes can get very overwhelming. This definitely can cause you to become sidetracked and lose your focus on what is the main reason you are doing what you are trying to accomplish. I was not looking to get rich quick. I was however motivated to make a steady income from a real Internet business that would handle our lifestyle solely on my ability to make money online. If for some reason my husband would be unable to return to work after his surgery, we still needed to eat and pay our bills.

Well it has been almost a year and I am getting fairly close to replacing both of our incomes. This is not something that is happening over night. I want to make sure my income from the Internet is stable enough or still growing before we can feel comfortable enough to rely totally on my Internet income to sustain us financially. If all goes as it should with my husbands surgery, we are going to be even better off than we were a year ago.

To make money online and work from home, find your motivation and keep it in the forefront every day. I am sure you have some strong motivations of your own. Mine was a definite need to replace my income. But as life goes on our needs change and our reasons change also. Circumstances are a great motivator for many of us. I did not start out looking to get rich. I was just trying to maintain our lifestyle.

Make Money Online Blogging

Make money online blogging on any subject you are passionate about or familiar with. It does not have to have affiliate products or any type of commercial interest in it. If you are providing valuable information to your targeted audience you will gain recognition as an expert in your field and people will be asking you to sponsor their sites for money.

Build up enough of a following and you will become a success in blogging. The search engines love blogs, so the more you contribute to your blog the better you will become at what you are doing. Blogging is one of those cases that the more you blog the better you become. Even if you start out poorly with your content, eventually you will become better and better. Before you know it, you will be an expert blogger.

This blog is a perfect example of a blog in progress. I have always been a person of logic. The written word or being a great speaker is quite foreign to me. Put me in front of a math equation and I can shine like no other. But to express what it is I want you to hear is really something I need to grow into. But I have faith that it will come.

So if I can do this, I know anyone can do this. Blogging is free and if your blog turns into crap then all you need to do is start over again with a new blog. Sounds simple because it is. Many people make money online just from blogging about their interest.

Just be as natural as you can and write and post to your blog often. Even if your posts isn't a great American novel keep posting. As you grow so will your post. Hopefully you will start getting people that want to follow your posts and will add your feed to their favorites. You will even start getting comments to your blog and you can blog back to these people to start building some blogging relationships.

Visit other peoples blogs and invite them to your blog via their comment section. You can learn a lot from visiting other peoples blogs. Many bloggers are happy to help each other.

Start to make money online blogging today. Start a blog right here on Blogger and soon you will start to make money online.

Stay Focused to Make Money Online

With so many opportunities to make money online, I personally find it very difficult to stay focused on one area, especially with all the social networks around. I find myself studying what other people are doing instead of focusing on what it is I am supposed to be doing my self.

I don't know how it is I every made any money online with all the jumping around I do. I have always been a big people watcher and I get so fascinated by what it is they are doing. I find myself more interested in their successes than in my own. I get so emotionally involved that I forget my own missions.

I have always been an isolator, peeking in at other people and how they tick and the Internet has seemed to make me even more of a voyager. I have even made comment to some of these people that I feel like a stalker into their lives.

I know that if I could stay focused in just one area I would have no obstacles in churning out tons of content and make money online and work from home hands over fist. I have even had to put some restrictions on some of the forms I go into because I find that before I know it I have spent hours in just one forum.

I have always had this huge thirst for knowledge and the Internet just fuels that thirst. I can be great at being a "Jack of All Trades" but then I become a "Master of None". Maybe many of you find that you are in the same dilemma. Maybe this is why so many people fail when it comes to making money online. I don't know.

I am going to try and set down some guides for myself so I stay more focused on getting done what needs doing first. I need to write more often and let you all know what I am doing to make money online and work from home. If I am unable to convey to my readers what I am doing then the whole purpose of this blog is worthless.

This blog is fairly new and I feel that it has already had a bad enough start and I want to focus more on making it the best blog I know how to do. I am learning all the time at what it is that people are looking for and I am doing my best at sharing the right information.

I really could use some input as to what you would like to see here or I could find
out for you. I will answer your comments or questions to the best of my ability. After all you have invested your time in reading this blog and you are worth my time in answering.