How to Make Money Online Free at Home - Part One

How to make money online free with Adsense and Blogger.

That's right. Learn how to make money online free at home in your spare time to make extra money at home to help pay the bills or just to learn how to generate income using free methods from the internet. You do not need to spend money out of pocket to be able to earn extra income. Don't believe it when someone tells you that you need such and such a product to be able to make money at home online.

I will be explaining how to make money online free and different resources that you will be able to generate income from. Most of these places will require that you have a PayPal account in which to receive payments. You can sign up for PayPal at You will need to have a banking account to be able to sign up. Also some of the methods require that you have an Adsense account. To be able to have an Adsense account you will need to have a website that is legitimate and has some age to it. You do not need to be the owner of these sites but it definitely helps. People have been reporting that it is harder to get an Adsense account lately unless you have a website that is at least 6 months old and is clean from other advertising. I got my account years ago so I am not up to date on getting an account. Go to and read their guidelines and find out what is required to qualify. You will also need a Gmail account to attach your Adsense account to. This is not hard. Just Google Gmail and sign up for an account. All these places are free to join and are legitimate so do not be too concerned about giving out personal information. They are very secure.

Ok, now on to making money free online.

One of the first opportunities to making free money is right here on Blogger. This whole blog and its platform are free. Use that Gmail account that I mentioned earlier and sign up to to get your blogging account. With Blogger and Gmail you can have unlimited accounts so that means you can have unlimited blogs.

Using Blogger and Adsense is the cheapest and fastest way to get started making money online free. You will earn an immediate commission from Google each time someone clicks an advertisement on your blog. Blogger (owned by Google) is a beginners dream as a complete computer illiterate can set up a blog just following the onscreen directions. Once you have a blog you will then learn how to market it and get traffic to your site. When you have learned how to do this you can transfer this knowledge to websites and other online ventures. A Blogger blog will teach you the basics and you can learn without spending gobs of cash in the process.

Using Google Adsense on your blog you will want to get your traffic from the search engines. The search engine most targeted is Google. Google is the most searched engine and carries the most weight. If you write posts that are niche (topic), create good quality content, Google will reward you with top placements on their search engine. Being on the top of Google’s search engine is where the bulk of the traffic is. So you want to make sure you write quality on topic content on your blog site. To start out with as a beginner make sure that you are not picking a highly competitive niche or topic. Find a niche that is easy to rank for and has Adsense ads showing up on the side bar of the front page in Google’s search engine.

So here is where you are beginning.

Before creating your blog you will have to find a topic. This is called a niche. There is a lot to learn about finding the right niche but for now just pick a topic you like that has fewer than 500,000 pages listed in the search query. You will have a better chance at making money if there are fewer pages listed.

In blogger select Create Account.

Select a name. Try and use your keyword in the name and the blog address. (Use Capitals in your name but only lower-case in blog address.) It is important to use your keyword in your Blog's Title and Address. This will greatly help you when it comes to search engine rankings and indexing. Do not use dashes in your blog address as I have with mine. I created this blog before I knew any better. But since I created this blog so long ago, I decided to work with what I have and see where I can go.

Fill in the word verification and hit continue.

Now pick out your blog template. This blog and most of my money making blogs on Blogger use the Minima. I have found this to be the most professional looking template and the best converting for making money with Adsense. Pretty blogs just do not convert as well as plain blogs with quality content in my experience. When making money with Adsense you never want to distract people on unnecessary graphics or tons of other trinkets on your page. Many people have their Twitter accounts showing on their sites and people end up leaving your site to read your tweets. Do not do this with Adsense on your site. The only way you want people to leave your site is by clicking on your ads or hitting the back button.

We will go into setting up your Blogger blog later as the default setting are just fine for now.

You are ready to start posting on your new blog.

When setting up your posts, always start your title with your chosen niche words or keywords as they are called. Using your keywords in your title tells Google what your blog post is about. This makes it easier for Google to know how to index your post and your blog.

Continue writing posts using your main keyword or words or related keywords. This blog is "Make Money Online", so I try to use make money online in some form or another in all my titles and in all my posts. Google knows what this blog is about without question.

This post is getting long and you have enough to do to get you started. Selecting your niche and finding the right keywords is time consuming so that will take you a while. We want to keep this simple. Making money online blogging is simple, but not always easy. I will try to get another post up soon, so you can find other ways as to how to make money online free at home.