Make Money Online Blogging

Make money online blogging on any subject you are passionate about or familiar with. It does not have to have affiliate products or any type of commercial interest in it. If you are providing valuable information to your targeted audience you will gain recognition as an expert in your field and people will be asking you to sponsor their sites for money.

Build up enough of a following and you will become a success in blogging. The search engines love blogs, so the more you contribute to your blog the better you will become at what you are doing. Blogging is one of those cases that the more you blog the better you become. Even if you start out poorly with your content, eventually you will become better and better. Before you know it, you will be an expert blogger.

This blog is a perfect example of a blog in progress. I have always been a person of logic. The written word or being a great speaker is quite foreign to me. Put me in front of a math equation and I can shine like no other. But to express what it is I want you to hear is really something I need to grow into. But I have faith that it will come.

So if I can do this, I know anyone can do this. Blogging is free and if your blog turns into crap then all you need to do is start over again with a new blog. Sounds simple because it is. Many people make money online just from blogging about their interest.

Just be as natural as you can and write and post to your blog often. Even if your posts isn't a great American novel keep posting. As you grow so will your post. Hopefully you will start getting people that want to follow your posts and will add your feed to their favorites. You will even start getting comments to your blog and you can blog back to these people to start building some blogging relationships.

Visit other peoples blogs and invite them to your blog via their comment section. You can learn a lot from visiting other peoples blogs. Many bloggers are happy to help each other.

Start to make money online blogging today. Start a blog right here on Blogger and soon you will start to make money online.


Yoko said...

Hi. Nice blog.

Denise Nuttall said...

Thank-you yoko! I am doing my best to give you some value. If I can be of any help please ask.