Making Money Online Does Have Slow Times

Making money online does have slow times and this is normally one of those times of year. With the upcoming holidays people are not sitting in front of their computers as much. If you happen to have a product site, however, this may be one of your better times of year.

Normally the end of summer when the kids are getting ready to go back to school or college and the Christmas Holiday season are the slowest times for Internet marketers. I, for one, should be wrapping up my Christmas shopping right now instead of blogging. I am planning on leaving as soon as I get done here. Hopefully! :-(

The nice part is that right after the first of the year things really pick up and all hell breaks loose. I expect even a better year this year do to the economic forecast. People are going to be looking for alternate means of income to supplement their already hard hit income and rising costs.

Knowing I am not going to be breaking any records at the current time, does free me up to do other tasks that I normally procrastinate. I have time now to set things in motion for January so I am not caught with my pants down. I can get my records in order for the tax man.

Now is the best time to set goals for my marketing strategy for 2008 for making money online. I had a fairly good year as far as making money online, but the rinse and repeat strategy needs upgrading quite a bit. With the Web 2.0, I find I need to re-evaluate my role in that arena. I also need to set a more focused daily schedule to adhere to accomplishing more value added tasks.

So while the income slows down a bit at this point in time, the work load doesn't. There is always work to be done. Making money online does not take a vacation it just gets ready for the spring bloom.


Locke said...

I'm trying to do the same thing with my site, and I definitely agree with the slow times thing. I just started doing this thing that I'm hoping will at least get me started so I can quit working dead-end jobs. Check out my latest post at and let me know what you think. Maybe it can help you make more too.

Kim said...

Why did you stop blogging? Your blogs are great!