To Make Money Online Find Your Motivation

To make money online and work from home you need to find your motivation. Without the right motivation you will probably only find mediocre success. Always keep your motivation in the forefront and you will go much farther with your Internet business.

When I first started out to make money online and work from home, I had just lost a very good paying automotive job, due to outsourcing to foreign countries. While I was drawing my unemployment, I started to look for a job to replace my old job. Here in Michigan, manufacturing was moving out and the only jobs available were minimum wage jobs. That's when I decided to get involved with making money on the Internet.

I, like many others started out with a paid online survey program. It started out pretty slow but eventually the money was enough to replace my previous income. I joined multiple survey programs and was able to grow a fairly decent income and could work my own hours.

Then I decided to venture into other areas of Internet marketing. My husband, who was injured in an auto accident several years prior needed to get a total hip replacement. But in order to do this he was going to need to take a substantial amount of time off from his work. My husband is an engineer and he makes pretty decent money. So now I was looking to replace not only my income but his as well. Now I needed to find other ways to make even more money online, way more.

This would switch my motivation up several notches. My husband did not need surgery right away but would need to have it within a short time span. When you see someone you love and care about as much as I do my husband, you are motivated to do whatever you can to help make their lives better.

With the many ways to make money online at home, it sometimes can get very overwhelming. This definitely can cause you to become sidetracked and lose your focus on what is the main reason you are doing what you are trying to accomplish. I was not looking to get rich quick. I was however motivated to make a steady income from a real Internet business that would handle our lifestyle solely on my ability to make money online. If for some reason my husband would be unable to return to work after his surgery, we still needed to eat and pay our bills.

Well it has been almost a year and I am getting fairly close to replacing both of our incomes. This is not something that is happening over night. I want to make sure my income from the Internet is stable enough or still growing before we can feel comfortable enough to rely totally on my Internet income to sustain us financially. If all goes as it should with my husbands surgery, we are going to be even better off than we were a year ago.

To make money online and work from home, find your motivation and keep it in the forefront every day. I am sure you have some strong motivations of your own. Mine was a definite need to replace my income. But as life goes on our needs change and our reasons change also. Circumstances are a great motivator for many of us. I did not start out looking to get rich. I was just trying to maintain our lifestyle.

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